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Power BI Mastery: Advanced Course

July 14 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Welcome to Power BI Mastery! This three-session advanced course is designed for those who already have a foundational knowledge of Power BI.

Welcome to Power BI Mastery! This advanced three-session course is tailored for individuals who already have a basic understanding of Power BI and wish to elevate their skills to the next level. Ideal for BI professionals and users who are ready to delve deeper into complex data analysis, this course covers advanced data modeling, sophisticated data visualization, and extensive automation using Power BI. You’ll learn to use advanced DAX functions, integrate Power BI with other tools, and automate your data processes for enhanced business intelligence capabilities. By the end of this course, you will possess the expertise to influence strategic decisions and create powerful, dynamic reporting solutions that drive business success.

How Participants Will Benefit:

1.Advanced Analytical Skills: Participants will master complex analytical techniques using advanced DAX functions and data modeling, enabling them to handle and interpret data at a high level.

2.Enhanced BI Capabilities: Learners will be able to create sophisticated reports and dashboards that include advanced visualizations, providing deeper insights into the data.

3.Automation and Efficiency: Attendees will learn how to automate data refreshes and report updates, significantly increasing their efficiency and ability to manage large datasets.

4.Strategic Decision Making: With enhanced skills in data analysis and reporting, participants will be equipped to contribute to strategic decision-making processes, providing valuable insights that can drive business success.

5.Professional Growth: Mastery of Power BI can open up new career opportunities in data analysis, business intelligence, and related fields, making participants more valuable to current and future employers.

6.Networking and Collaboration: Advanced course participants often have opportunities to connect with other professionals who are also deepening their BI skills, fostering an environment of collaboration and networking.

Target Audience:

  • Users familiar with Power BI basics looking to deepen their expertise.
  • BI professionals needing advanced analytical capabilities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced data modeling and DAX functions.
  • Complex reporting, automation, and integration techniques.
  • Mastery of Power BI’s full capabilities, including mobile and web integration.

Detailed Course Outline:

Session 1: Advanced Data Modeling and DAX

  • Deep dive into creating complex data models.
  • Advanced DAX functions for business analytics.

Session 2: Sophisticated Data Visualization and Analysis

  • Using advanced visualization tools like Decomposition Tree and AI visuals.
  • Techniques for adding trend lines, forecasting, and creating interactive reports.

Session 3: Automation and Integration

  • Setting up Power BI Gateway for automatic data refresh.
  • Building and sharing mobile dashboards.
  • Embedding reports into websites and using advanced collaboration tools.

These courses provide a structured path from understanding the basics of Power BI to mastering advanced data analysis techniques, catering to the progressive needs of learners. Each track is designed to build upon the previous, allowing participants to either start from the basics or enhance their already solid foundation.

Instructor Profile

Samiul Huq

Microsoft Certifed Trainer

Samiul Huq, is the first one to introduce PowerBI training since the technology appeared since 2015. He is a MCT and one of the renown data analyst trainer. He has been in corporate training since 2011 and is associated with many online and offline training centers. He is the founder of Bithut Limited Software Firm.


July 14
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Power BI Mastery: Advanced Course